What October 20th means to me and to you

A Future that Works LogoWe all know that we live in challenging times. We all know that things need to change. But, the difference between us and the government is that they think we should pay for the mistakes of the bankers, and we think that the bankers should pay for their own mistakes.

Every week we seem to get more figures which show a downward revision in the economic forecast. Indeed, a revision this week by the IMF lowered the global forecast for next year, but the downgrading of the UK forecast was the deepest across any economy. And, today, we hear that the Scottish economy (when looked at as a standalone) has slipped back into recession. So, what is the government’s answer to this? They tell us that the cuts so far aren’t even half of the final picture.

For me, October 20th is an opportunity to have my voice heard. But, not just my voice, that of my partner, my friends and my family who will be coming along, mostly to their first ever demonstration, to show that enough is enough. It’s clear that cutting your way out of recession isn’t the way forward, and the people of this country are being destroyed by ideology rather than fairness and logic.

Each person coming along with me has been affected in their own way. My friends work in the public sector, one in local government and another in the probation service. My mother works for the NHS. My grandparents have seen their income drop, mainly due to low interest rates. My partner has had to support his family who are affected. It’s really easy for people to sit back and say “oh it’s not affecting me”, but everyone is affected, maybe not today, but definitely in the future.

The impact on me personally has been one of a struggle to get the same level of health care that I previously had, mainly due to cost cutting in the NHS. Then there’s also been the effect on my family. Having to support my family with their financial struggles because of the changes to NHS staffing is something that I shouldn’t have to do. And, my mother shouldn’t be in the position where, after 27 years in the NHS, she is being put in a position where she has to cut back on some of the most basic things in life.

We have all been affected, we’re all going to be affected. Be there on October 20th. Bring your friends and family. Shout like you’ve never shouted before. Because, if you don’t shout, if you don’t show how angry you are, then nothing will change. Don’t let a bunch of millionaires dictate your future. There are more of us. We should, and we will, take this country back and put it onto the track for fairness and equality.