Modernisation is leading to privatisation: Support #SaveOurRoyalMail campaign

Chris Hand sits on the CWU Youth Committee and is very active in his branch and region. Chris also works for Royal Mail and shares his worries and hopes about impending privisation and what that means to us all.

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1st class to become upper class? £1 a stamp??

Royal Mail is state owned but privatisation is on the cards. So last week a huge campaign was launched, with social media playing a key part, to save Royal Mail from privatisation.

Over the last year Royal Mail employees have had to deal with significant changes, – from the way we work with a bag on our back, changing our start times and our work load. We now have a system known as “loops” where two employees pull up in a van at a certain point get out, do a bag or two of mail, finishing back at the van. Seems better doesn’t it? But, in reality, it leads to fewer people in post, all having to work a lot harder.

In 2009 the union predicted that the cost of “modernisation” would be around 16,000 jobs. But bringing in this “modernisation” system has cost thousands and thousands of jobs up and down the country. Even mail centres and delivery offices are being attacked leave the customer in some cases driving over 10 miles to collect a parcel. Postmen and women are now being stretched to their maximum on a daily basis. After last year’s 30% stamp price rise (to 60p), it shows they’re trying to fatten up the organisation, ready for privatisation.

So who will be hit by privatisation?

It will be online auction sellers and buyers, small businesses, people who live in the countryside, possibly blind people, HM services, your local post person, your local post office, but most of all you and me.

Royal Mail has a unique history and heritage – there are not many companies you could say that about now is there?? The company’s website says here. “History and heritage – it’s what sets us apart from other postal services and it’s also part of what makes us a cherished national organisation. Royal Mail can be traced back to 1516, around the time of Henry VIII.” All this is under threat.

So please follow the campaign and support the cause. We aren’t asking for money or a week of your time – we are asking for a few minutes to join the campaign on twitter and maybe even download a simple letter you can email to your Local MP showing your support and getting the word out there. Its gathering a lot of momentum and support on Twitter and Facebook, and from an increasing number of MPs – but we need the help of you and your families and friends to #SAVEOURROYALMAIL.

VisitSave our Royal Mail( for more information on the campaign and how you can get involved by signing the petition and writing to your MP in a few simple clicks.

Follow the campaign on Twitter@SaveOurRMand tag your comments with #SaveourRoyalMail.

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