Road to CWU Youth Conference

So, you’ve attended the Education Event, taken part in the mock conference and are raring to submit a motion to Youth Conference and start shaping policy and making a difference.

(But don’t worry if you weren’t with us in Edinburgh, you can still do all the below!)

You might want to submit a motion further to the issues that were discussed in your group sessions (mental health wellbeing, voter registration and proportionality), submit a motion calling for a campaign for a particular cause, or on an issue that is close to your heart or a source of concern to you. Your branch will need to agree and submit the motion to conference, so If you are wanting to submit a motion – get in touch with your branch secretary.

Next, you need to think about what words you’re going to use. Remember, conference is voting on exactly what is written down. You may have heard the phrase “the words are the words” when people are discussion motions. Choose carefully, exactly what you want to say, who you are instructing and set a timescale for the motion. Ensuring you follow these three principles, your motion should be accepted.

You might want to write your own motion, or reuse a motion you heard at the Mock Conference (in which case you’re half way there!). Writing your own motion can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time, but If you’re looking for help with your motion, speak with your branch who will be able to help you.

Make sure your branch submits the motion before the deadline, which is likely to be mid December – look out for the Letter-to-Branches giving details) otherwise it will not be accepted!

Your motion will then be reviewed by the Standing Orders Committee (SOC), who will collate, vet and then order your motion amongst others submitted. The SOC will check that your motion complies with the rules of the union and that it is specific in its request. If you follow the tips above, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Then, in a very familiar style to mock conference, motions will be heard, seconded, maybe opposed. In many ways, mock conference is very similar to Youth Conference. Although a serious affair (we’re changing union policy after all) Youth Conference is a friendly atmosphere, so don’t feel nervous.

Youth Conference this year will be held at CWU Headquarters in Wimbledon on the 24th January with a social event the evening before.

I would definitely recommend getting involved and submitting a motion. It’s a fantastic feeling knowing that you directly influenced CWU policy – all members together have tremendous power over the future of our union.

I hope this has got you thinking as to what motion you might want to submit and hope to see you in January for Youth Conference.

Useful information to assist you can be downloaded via the links listed below.

Rough Guide to Conference
Motions carried at Youth Conference 2014
Motions debated at National Youth Education Event Mock Conference 2014

Ben Abrams
Youth Committee Chair