Strength is not always in numbers

It was that time of year again, one that I am always excited for, the National Youth Education Event. The event happens once a year and gathers a mixture of people from all around the U.K and further out all in one place to discuss issues and subjects that affect young members in and out of work.

It has always been a highly attended event and we were hoping for the same this year, but due to struggles in and out of the workplace many people couldn’t attend, so the turnout was lower than we hoped for.

Nevertheless we made it our goal to make it the best event there has been and put our worries aside and I have to say I don’t know what we were worrying about because the event was hugely successful, a lot of fun and everybody who attended, and I mean everyone, joined in. There were lots of good discussions and debate and I think everybody gained something from the event.

On the Sunday we rehearsed a mock conference, just to give new active members and first time delegates a look into how conference works and how decisions are made within the CWU. Motions were brought forward from the workshops from the day before and we had lots of first time delegates speaking, it was great!

All in all it was a great event and it proves that just because there wasn’t as many there as previous years we are still as strong as ever.