Over the past forty years there has been a decline in trade union membership. In 1979 more than half of workers were unionised until Thatcherism ripped through the core eventually leading to the trade union laws we have in the current period. Right now, only 8% of the workforce under 25 are members of a trade union.

The gig economy and the scourge of zero hour contracts across workforces has created many young people losing a connection with their places of employment, having to work harder and longer days to survive, paying high rents and not having enough time to enjoy their own lives.

The McDonalds workers have come together again this month in an act of defiance to stand up and have their calls heard.

  • £15 Per Hour
  • End to youth rates
  • A choice of guaranteed hours (up to 40)
  • Notice of shift patterns four weeks in advance
  • Recognition of their union (BFAWU)

The strikes took place on a global scale, including events in Brazil, Chile and New Zealand. Here, in conjunction with the TUC, Solidarity Stalls were organised at various locations across the country. The idea was simple, create a stall in a public location filled with information about the McStrikes with petitions and anti zero-hour contract boards, encourage activists from all unions and socialist groups to come together in support of these workers and raise the public awareness.

On a day of Young Worker action it is important for us to recognise the strength of this movement amongst the McStrike workers (and the TGI & Wetherspoons activists that came before that too) show solidarity, and make sure that we continue fighting alongside other comrades to make the world of work fairer, more equal and a unionised force of good for the next generation of workers.