It’s time for a CWU industrial Green New Deal

The carrying of Labour’s Green New Deal policy means that the Labour Party is now the most serious and radical party for tackling climate change in the world.

The CWU has played a vital and leading role in the Green New Deal campaign to date. This progressive step forward was sparked by the determination of our National Young Workers Committee to actively support climate activists globally and was backed unanimously by the CWU’s NEC.

Our members, in particular, in Openreach and Royal Mail, are in every part of the UK on a daily basis. Our members are in, support and keep our communities connected every day. It’s therefore only right we continue that work for future generations.

As a union, we now must work towards developing green industrial strategies with all our employers. Branches will need to play a leading role in that by establishing that strategy. Policies that see company vehicles transition to hybrid and electric. Policies that see buildings powered on renewable energy. Policies that reduce our employers’ and our own impact on the environment and so much more.

But as we know, our industrial work is only successful alongside our political work. And not only is Labour ready and waiting to get into power, but the party also has the means to deliver a green industrial revolution through its leadership and trade unions.

If you’re serious about tackling climate change and environment issues, Labour is who you should consider voting for.

No other political party in the UK has the means or appetite to deliver a worker-led just transition to renewable energy. No other political party in the UK has the means or appetite to deliver green, unionised jobs. No other political party in the UK has the means or appetite to deliver zero-net carbon emissions by 2030 and support the Global South.

We simply inherit the earth for our time on it. We are duty-bound to leave it in a better place than we found it.

So here is a call to action: Make sure to support local climate strikes, submit green industrial motions and vote Labour.