CWU gearing up for 20 October

A Future that Works LogoAs the momentum continues to build for the 20 October TUC march and rally, fresh guidance and information has been issued by CWU HQ. The briefing note, authored by Senior Deputy General Secretary Tony Kearns, reads as follows:

Last week’s TUC Conference in Brighton witnessed a range of debates that highlighted the need for opposition to this government. From the National Health Service to Education, from the attack on the welfare system mirrored by an attack on workers and workers rights debate after debate highlighted how out of touch this government really is. It is clear that there is a momentum gathering of growing opposition to this government and their failed policies.


In the run up to October the 20th a demonstration is being held outside the Tory Party Conference in Birmingham on Sunday the 7th of October.

The CWU Offices in Summer Lane, Birmingham will be open from 9.00am with light refreshments available on the day. In addition a shuttle service will be available for those attending to get back from the Rally point at the conclusion of the demo where needed.

CWU Midlands Region hand held flags and the Regional Banner will be on the demo on the day to show the strength of feeling from the CWU and we urge as many members, activists and reps to go along to give the Tories a welcome they won’t forget.


The CWU, as responses received from Branches clearly shows will have a great turnout on the day. With now less than 4 weeks to go we all need to double our efforts to ensure that more of our members, families and friends are on the streets making our voice of opposition heard.

Whilst still awaiting final confirmation of our meeting point we will be aiming to be near the front of the march, final details will be sent to branches week commencing the 8th October 2012.

We will be marching behind a banner that will say a “A FUTURE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION”. We are proud to be placing the future of our children and the nations’ youth at the forefront of our demands. The dismantling of society as we know it will lead to generations of lower paid, less permanent jobs. In turn this leads to a climate of uncertainty and fear and that will see these future generations live in a much poorer society, both economically and socially.

We are more than pleased to announce that CWU President, Beryl Shepherd will be addressing the rally in Hyde Park on what all indications show will be a momentous day.

Against the backdrop of a double dip recession and an economy stagnating Beryl will be urging the need for investment in infrastructure. Not only does this carry forward the arguments we push for in the industries in which we organise it is also necessary in order to provide the services the country needs and create the jobs so sadly lacking as a result of this governments programme of moving to austerity.


As I have outlined above the sustained attacks being carried out by this government across the whole of society are the substantive reason for supporting this demonstration.

But what do ordinary peoplethink? The website has been asking people to leave pledges from those attending and we urge as many of you as possible to do so. Also on that site are comments left by some of those will be out on the 20th October explaining why they are supporting the rally. Here are just a few of those comments;-

“A decent life for this and future generations needs socially useful work for all – not the costly waste of unemployment or dead-end jobs.”

“I can’t afford not to march. The ongoing cuts & pay freeze are making life tougher. We need to march to show the govt we won’t take anymore.”

“As a retired trade unionist and campaigning pensioner I oppose the attacks on the rights and living standards of young and old.”

“I care about the future for my children and elderly parents. Everyone should be able to access the services and support they need in life.”

“Austerity is like cutting of your legs to give your arms more nourishment; painful and ineffective … and very, very dumb.”

“I wish to join the March so that I can Wheel myself for those from the UK Disabled Community who will be unable to join in this action.”

These comments and the many more like them left on the website show the real strength of feeling with regard to the damage being brought upon society by an increasingly unpopular and isolated government.

We now need one final push amongst our members to ensure such a massive turnout that we are able to spark the beginning of the end for this unpopular, out of touch government.

CWUYouth intend to play an active role in ensuring that the turnout of CWU young members is maximised.

Please let us know if you plan on going by emailing

Why not join us on the CWUYouth dedicated Facebook page:

CWUYouth – Marching for a Future that Works October 20

To find out what transport is on offer in your area please get in touch with your branch and/or Regional Secretary. Contact details can be found on the CWU website (