What CWUYouth Has Done For Me

In January 2014 I became branch youth officer for South East Wales Amalgamated Branch. I’ve always been interested in the trade union movement but didn’t feel confident enough to get involved as an industrial representative. When I received a mailing from the branch asking whether I would be interested in becoming a youth officer I thought it would be a perfect way to develop my skill set and learn about the union and our branch in more depth than I currently did.

Since I became youth officer I have had full support from the branch and have been encouraged to attend education courses and events in order to strengthen my skills, gain the experience and expertise to develop. I have attended the following courses and events:

CWU annual conference 2014 in Bournemouth.

  • National Youth Education Event 2014 in Edinburgh.
  • CWU Youth Conference 2015 at London HQ.
  • Postal Agreements and Procedures, at Alvescot Lodge.
  • Union Skills 1 at Alvescot Lodge.
  • Demonstrating against the cuts

During the last two years I have also helped support the reps in my delivery office at Aberdare and went on to become a substitute representative. I have now progressed from this and am now the unit rep as well as the treasurer of the branch.

My only regret as a youth officer is that I didn’t get involved earlier. As I am now 30, I am too old to be a youth officer and as of the closing of annual conference I will no longer hold the position. It is imperative that someone else now takes up this opportunity to get active in the union. The youth are the future of the union!

Jason Richards

Youth Officer