I’m Not “Just a Mum”

As a woman, when you have a child, sometimes it can feel like you’re expected to give up who you once were, everything you loved, your personality etc. Toss everything else to one side and devote your whole life to raising said child. For a while, I did. I completely lost myself, I stopped doing a lot of the things I loved, I spent most of my days in the house, A lot of my friends stopped including me in plans because a lot of the time I couldn’t go or they would just make the assumption that I wouldn’t be able to, I didn’t know any other mums, I didn’t dare go to mum group’s because the other mum’s were cliquey and didn’t speak to me. It was lonely and as a result of this, I struggled with my mental health as many young mum’s do. It can be hard, and lonely. You’re learning how to keep a tiny human alive, while trying to remember to look after yourself, with minimal adult conversation in between.

A couple of years ago, my friend added me to a mum group on Facebook, I wasn’t convinced, I’d experienced mum group’s in real life and decided to stay away, they could be judge-y and scary. They weren’t for me. I soon realised this Group were different, they didn’t judge, they were supportive, they boosted each others confidence and best of all, I made friends who are also mums, even some local ones! I owe a lot to this group. I found myself again and so much more thanks to this group of amazing women, building up other women. One of the members of this mum group even persuaded me (Along with the Women’s Officer from my Office) to go for the Position of Young Workers Officer!

When I started out as a Young Worker, I  didn’t know what I was doing, there weren’t any Young Worker’s meetings going on in my region, I didn’t understand my position, so I went to the North East Women’s Committee Meetings, I was welcomed and supported, and it helped me learn about the Union and the courses I could do, how far I could go if I wanted to etc. I’m nearing the end of my term as a Young Worker, but thanks to the Amazing Women in and out of the Union who have supported me, I’d like to continue helping and supporting other Women within the Union and within my workplace.

I’m a Mum… but I’m also a Woman, A Feminist, A Hellcat, Alternative, A bit weird, A Young Workers Officer, A Geek… And so much more.