50 thousand people can’t be wrong can they?

TUC March 29 Sept 2013It’s Sunday 29th September 2013 and I find myself in Manchester once again marching with every other union against the government and their cuts and privatisations. Greater Manchester Police said this was the biggest demonstration they have ever had to deal with, and what a great turn out this was – it was estimated that 50 thousand people descended on the streets of Manchester to make their point clear; that we won’t stand for this rubbish the government throws at us every day.

A demo on the scale of today is such a good feeling to be a part of it brings all walks of life together and all generations. All unions were represented from up and down the country and every section. There were all sorts of protests represented by the marchers – from save the NHS, Save Royal Mail to the badger cull. It really was an eye opener.

What I love going on demos is just walking in unison with thousands of others – meeting people who understand your anger and meeting new people.

TUC March 29 Sept 2013On Sunday, I met A 25 year old teacher who did not want to be named, supporting our battle against the privatisation of Royal Mail who decided she was going to march with us. It was interesting to hear her views on the school sector and the cuts they are going through. She was telling me about the teacher’s strikes on Tuesday [1 October] to protect their pensions. It’s so good seeing a young lady doing such a rewarding job teaching young kids and yet still having the time and desire to show what she stands for.

I also met a new youth officer today from the CWU Nottingham branch, Steve Boswell. He’s very active and had good ideas about the use of social media in his branch, so I look forward to seeing him at our National Youth Education Event in Blackpool next month.

TUC March 29 Sept 2013I felt proud to carry our CWUYouth banner it really stands out. People were acknowledging us because they know what CWU Youth stands for. I would like to thank Steve Boswell for helping me carry it in the lovely but windy day.

There was a good few young people representing our union. I used the march to educate my young niece and nephew on why we were marching and what the alternative is, especially given the policies announced at the Labour Party conference last week. It’s good to see something like this taking place in Manchester because it will help fire people up and create a belief in people that change is possible – I think this is why it’s so important that we vote Labour to deliver this change.

TUC March 29 Sept 2013It’s important too that we network as union reps and the reward pays off. When I was at the march I saw a lot of people from other unions who I’ve met at other TUC events. It was really good to see them all marching and, like CWUYouth, standing up for ourselves. Bring on the next one!