The Hunger Games 2013

The Hunger Games is a filmed based on one strong Region known as the Capitol (the 1%) and 12 other regions around it. The 12 districts (the 99%) are populated by the poor who have no food or money and struggle on a daily basis. Game is the currency here. Meanwhile the people in the Capitol live a life of futuristic luxury and want for nothing; living a life the people of the 12 districts could only dream of!

Every year the Games are held for the entertainment of the residents of Capital. Two young residents from each of the 12 districts are pitched against each other to the death. Enduring pain, heartache and are made to stoop to murderous depths to survive. The last remaining survivor is rewarded with a life in Capitol afforded with all the luxury that goes with that. To achieve this they have to do whatever they can to win. No rules apply and they are all young. The Capitol is all futuristic it’s like going forward in time by 100 years but the districts are all in poverty and living there is like going back 100 years.

Sound familiar yet??

So today 26-11-2013

I walked into a big chain supermarket and there was a stand set up for people to donate to a local food bank!!!

This absolutely disgusted me – to think its 2013 and people are being stripped of their dignity and having to enter and rely on a food bank to survive!

FoodbanksYet we have a government (the 1%) claiming for second homes and travelling up and down the country in first class. It makes me sick. How can we in 2013 be seeing other people (the 99%) have to use food banks? There has to be a better way in dealing with this rather than a demoralising food bank.

Foodbank graphThe government obviously believe there is not a problem in the regions and need to come to terms with real life and rapidly. This is one of the many reasons we as young people have to get out and vote for Labour in 2015 and make sure a friend a family member and anyone we can do the same.

By voting we can influence and force change; but we also need to be out there campaigning and letting the government know that food banks are not acceptable in this day and age. Food banks should not be celebrated and be seen as the norm. Food banks need to be stamped out and living standards of those who are forced to use them should be addressed by introducing a Living Wage – this should be the norm not Food banks.

Let’s make people aware and vote Labour in 2015 we shouldn’t be put back by 100 years like the Hunger Games.

Over the last year the number of people who live below the poverty line is increasing. People its 2013 – the ever increasing price in food, petrol, fuel and clothing is fuelling poverty not fuelling the economy. Wages are staying the same or are decreasing which is leading to many houses to decide on “Heating or Eating” – a very unpleasant phrase now commonly used and sadly will become the phrase of 2013.

Let’s get rid of the need for food banks – let’s get rid of the government. Make sure you vote in 2015.