CWU Young Workers come together for their annual forum

We had our national young workers committee meeting on Tuesday 12thJune. It was our last meeting as the original committee. As starting from 1stJuly, the new committee will start. We went over points and some points we agreed to come back on in our July meeting when the new committee starts. Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 25thJuly at HQ.

The forum took place on Wednesday 13thJune. It was amazing to see how many young people attended. It was the most I have ever seen attend one of these forums and there were so many new faces too. The forum began with Jake welcoming everyone and explaining how the day would go. Then Jo told the forum briefly about why we do the forums and what we should be gaining from these.

To start the day off the committee thought it would be an idea as we were in HQ to give a tour around the building. Tracey Fussey and Adam took half the group around the building and Steve Jones and Jimi took the other half around. It was an idea as a lot of people had never been before, or if they have been they have only went straight into the meeting room. We got to see all different departments and speak to a few people in the building and they give a brief explanation on what goes on in that department.

It was great to see as suggested by the committee that the forum had been split into 2 sessions for the first part of the day. The reps or young workers who have been in the role or involved for less than 1 year were taken to the learning room in HQ and were looked after by Adam and Billy off the committee. They spoke to the newer reps on what the role involves and then each of them logged onto the computer and done the online young workers toolkit course which is on leftclick. That group then done a session on how to contact young members in the branch and the best way to contact the young members and get information out to them.

The more experienced reps who had been in the role longer than 1 year done a session on re design, we split into smaller groups and mapped out and debated the re design topic. It was interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on re design and hearing the reasons as to why people were agreeing with some stuff and some people disagreeing. Our group managed to write some parts down but it was difficult to agree, even just in a small group like that. We also looked at re design from a young workers perspective and ideas that we had told our branches to put forward in the questionnaire which was sent back to HQ. Even though in small groups we all didn’t agree it was good to talk and listen to others people’s ideas ang suggestions.

Once the groups had come back together then newer reps done a presentation as to what they had done in their session and informed what new reps young workers reps should be doing and ideas that they should take back to the branch to contact the young workers within the branch.

Jake and Jimi then briefly explained to the whole group about re design and the challenges the union are facing and why re design needs to take place. They explained the young workers need to come up with a manifesto for re design and that we should come up with this together and pass ideas over for young workers and our role within this union. We then had a group debate on re design and a lot was discussed.

The committee then took a moment to thank Jo for all the work she had done helping the committee over the past 2 years and then welcomed the new committee and wished them all the luck for the next 2 years.

I would just like to wish the members (who have now become friends) leaving the National young workers committee all the luck with whatever you do in the future and thank you for everything you have taught me in the past 2 years, I am sure we will still see you at future events.

Overall in my opinion it was the best forum I had been too. It seemed to work better splitting the group into 2 so that newer reps could focus on what the role actually involves while the more experienced young workers reps could spend time working and discussing other things. It was also amazing to see how many young workers officers actually attended and I hope to see all these new reps at future events.


Elli Long
Greater Mersey and SW Lancs Amal branch
National young workers committee