There’s nothing like the buzz of voting

In our house voting day is a buzz. We still hold on to the traditions of taking the short walk to our local polling station, being handed your ballot paper and hiding yourself in a small booth to place that all important cross against your preferred candidate using those teeny tiny pens that invariably don’t work!

Polling stationPolling stations are traditionally hosted by local schools – it’s always a strange feeling going into a school when you are not a pupil – quite liberating! But I do fear I will hear my name being bellowed by a teacher – gives me shivers.

While I appreciate that some people are unable (due to either demands of work, travel or disabilities) to physically visit a polling station; but having to make the effort to find the time to cast your vote brings home the stark reality and importance of voting. Seeing the list of names – same you may not of heard of – some with dubious political policies – really drives home the responsibility of voting.

The real buzz is where the action is.

No matter how you choose to vote – you must vote and encourage your friends and family to vote too.