And the result of the ballot is…

At the end of September, I received an interesting message from Chris Webb from the CWU Communications Department asking if I was free to attend the press conference in Manchester and announce the Royal Mail ballot result. When I got this message my first thought was I think he must have sent this to the wrong person.. but after speaking to him on the phone he explained they wanted the result to come from and represent the young members and it would be an amazing opportunity for me; it was also an opportunity for other young/young female members to see someone like me playing such an important role at the press conference.

I travelled down to Manchester and when I arrived I was met by Chris Webb, April O’Neill and Charlie Pullinger from the Communications Department. They explained how the day would go and we went over what I would say.

After an hour or so people started to arrive and the hall started to fill up with members and people from the press, such as Sky News and BBC. The nerves kicked in as 4.30 started to approach and I knew how big the build-up was on social media and how many members would be waiting for this moment.

Just before me, Terry Pullinger and Dave Ward sat down I was given the sheet of paper with the results on, I was over the moon. The nerves completely went as I was so excited to tell the members the good news.

The best part about the day in my opinion, was after I read out the results – the hall echoed with everyones cheers, the applause seemed to go on forever and it was amazing to see how happy everyone in the room was; hugging one another and smiling from ear to ear. It was a little emotional too as so much time and effort had been put into this campaign by so many people and it was amazing that the result had shown that.

It was an amazing opportunity for me as a young member to play such a huge part in the ballot announcement and I hope it encourages other young members who watched to get involved too.

Thank you to Dave, Terry, Tony and the P.E.C for having me spend such a special day with you and giving young members like me such an important role to play. The interest you have in helping to encourage young activists like me into going into different/higher roles with the union in my opinion is second to none and I thank you for that.

Big thanks to my branch for the full support as always and helping me get down to Manchester so last minute.

And lastly, I would just like the thank, Chris, April and Charlie of the CWU Communications Department for giving me that amazing opportunity and also for supporting me that day by keeping me calm; it’s a day that will stay with me for a long time. I think the work that has been done for the whole campaign has been great. Thank you.


Elli Long

CWU National Young Workers Committee
Greater Mersey and SW Lancs AMAL