The Truth about Zane: Important breakthrough in the push for justice

Those who have been following the Truth about Zane campaign should know about an important breakthrough in the push for justice. And those who have not yet heard of this campaign will be incredibly moved when they learn of the injustices which a family in Surrey have consistently faced in the wake of their son’s death. On 10th September the Conservative led Spelthorne council has damningly and unanimously backed a motion accusing Surrey’s senior coroner of misusing and omitting vital evidence in a “cover up” over seven-year-old Zane Gbangbola’s death.

The CWU has committed to supporting the campaign calling for an independent panel enquiry after one families tragedy led to conspiracy at the heart of David Cameron’s government following the flooding which devastated much of the UK in 2014.  Young Zane lost his life after Hydrogen Cyanide was detected in floodwater which entered the basement of his home. However an inquest into Zane’s death determined that he in fact died from Carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas pump used to remove the flood water. Ever since the family has vehemently contested this verdict along with firefighters who detected the deadly nerve agent.

However on Thursday, September 10th, Spelthorne borough council heard how both a fire service incident report and Zane’s dad’s medical records – which councillors said were known to Coroner Richard Travers but were not called as evidence pointing to hydrogen cyanide as the cause.

In this major council meeting councillor Ian Beardsmore told the room: “This is a tragedy and a cover up that surrounds it and that’s where the distaste lies.

“COBRA met at 5 o’clock [on the day of the incident] to discuss this issue – that is how important this was.

“We know Porton Down were called in to examine this site; Porton Down are not called in because of carbon monoxide on a faulty pump.”

He added: “It’s the way the facts were used, not used, or misused, in the inquest. That is where the anger lies, that so much important evidence, so many facts, so many statements were either ignored or simply not allowed to be presented.”

It comes before a major event in the calendar for this campaign as it moves towards its ultimate goal of finding out the truth surrounding events that day. On 21st October (Zane’s birthday) many major guest speakers including Sir Keir Starmer, David Lammy MP & FBU general secretary Matt Wrack will speak at an online event hosted on FBU social media channels. I urge as many of our members and reps to attend this online event to boost the profile of this important campaign. Justice is important not just to Zane’s parents but to everyone in the UK whom it is predicted live within 2km of former landfill. It was uncovered by BBC news that undisclosed landfill close to Zane’s home was previously used by military for testing. This could explain how a chemical weapon entered the home of an innocent family.


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