Our Committee

The CWU Young Workers section exists to co-ordinate and advance the interests of our 20,000 members under the age of 30. Its 20 members are elected bi-annually by Conference each year and they are augmented by 2 members of the National Executive Council and supported by Jo Thair at head office.


Current Committee:

Jake Fear, National Youth Committee Chair

Branch: South Wales
Region: Wales
Employer: BT Openreach

Hi my names Jake Fear and I work for BT Openreach in West Wales as a customer service engineer and am a Branch Youth Officer for the South Wales Branch. I joined the CWU in 2011 and have been active since 2013. I enjoy motorsports especially motocross and travel around the U.K in my spare time watching major events. I also enjoy music and play the guitar, not very well though!

Being part of the CWU Youth Committee is a huge privilege and am excited for the oncoming year. I hope to network myself with more people and learn new skills I need to progress me. The CWU Youth is a great way to do this as they hold some amazing events throughout the year and everybody is so supportive. I feel grateful for this opportunity and I hope more young members will get involved this year and come and see what we have to offer.

Jimi Brown, National Youth Committee Vice Chair

Branch: South Midlands Postal
Region: Midlands
Employer: Royal Mail

I’m Jimi Brown and I’ve been a postman and CWU member for 8 years. I first became a unit representative in May 2013 and my branch youth officer in January 2014 and substitute area delivery representative in July 2016. During my time as a rep and activist I have been a delegate at the CWU’s annual and Youth Conferences as well as attending national demonstrations and protests. I am so pleased to be on the Youth Committee this term representing young workers nationally; especially now we have a voice in the industrial conferences. I’m really looking forward to helping the Youth Committee fight for the CWU’s young workers.

Michael Goozee

Branch: Wessex South Central
Region: South West
Employer: Royal Mail
Delivery Office Unit rep, 2013 – present
Branch Youth Officer 2013 – present
Chair of South West Regional Young Workers Committee and deputy branch chair 2014 – present.
Numerous union courses as Alvescot.
BA International Labour and Trade Union Studies at Ruskin college, September 2015 – September 2019.

I am very passionate about employment issues for younger people and I have a keen interest in economics. I hope to use my knowledge and experience to help further the agenda for young workers in our union.

Aaron Winter

Branch: Lincs/South Yorkshire
Region: North East
Employer: BT Openreach

My name is Aaron Winter. I am 20 years old and a BT Openreach engineering apprentice.
In my spare time I like car mechanics and I like to scuba dive when I get the opportunity.
In the future I hope to transfer into another area of BT to progress my career.

Elli Long

Region: North West
Employer: Royal Mail (Parcelforce)

Elli Rose Long, youth officer for the branch and member of the regional youth committee for the North West. I am employed by Royal Mail and work in administration at Parcelforce in Liverpool. In my spare time I enjoy playing netball, shopping and spending time with friends and family.

Becca Hufton

Branch: Kent Invicta
Region: South East
Employer: Royal Mail

Hey my name is Becca Hufton and I am a postie from Kent. I am a member of the Kent Invicta branch where I am the Branch Youth Officer and Vice Chair.

I have been active within the CWU for the past three and a half years and have enjoyed every minute of it.
I have a keen interest in the international side of the trade union movement and I have recently been elected as UNI Europe Youth President. This is a huge honour to represent the CWU within the global union.

During my spare time I enjoy baking, sleeping and going to music festivals. I look forward to working with the new CWU Youth Committee in the next two years.

Adam Gibbins

Branch: Somerset, Devon & Cornwall
Region: South West
Employer: BT PLC

Branch Youth Officer 2012 – present
Secretary of South West Regional Young Workers Committee 2014-2016
Assistant Secretary of the South West Region 2016 – present
Secretary of the South West ROC 2016- present
South west SPOC for BT Property 2015-present

Hi, my name is Adam Gibbins and I work for Openreach Service Delivery in the Exeter and East Devon Area. I started my apprenticeship with Openreach in 2008 and assimilated into Service delivery in April 2011. I became active with my local branch in 2012 as I was unhappy with apprentice pay and assimilation pay. I then became the Branch Youth officer and attended my first CWU Youth event which was Youth conference 2013 in Bristol. Since then I have been very active within my branch and the southwest regional committees. I regularly represent members in cases and in review meetings with management.

In my spare time I enjoy playing cricket for my local friendly cricket team and anything outdoors like kayaking and fishing and golf.

Fiona Curtis

Region: Northern Ireland
Employer: BT

I joined BT and CWU in October 2012 as an apprentice and have recently been elected to the National Youth Committee. I am looking forward to the challenges it brings, being involved and helping others.
I would consider myself as a bubbly, friendly and approachable person who enjoys spending time with my friends and going out at weekends.

Colm McAuley

Branch: Northern Ireland Combined
Region: Northern Ireland
Employer: Royal Mail

I am currently the branch youth rep for the branch. I am a member of the National Youth Committee. I am 25 years old, married and have 3 kids; 8 years old and 2 year old twins! I have been working for Royal Mail delivery for 6 years and have been actively involved in the union for 3.5 years.

I am also a keen sportsman as I play soccer GAA and Aussie Rules. I follow Glasgow Celtic Football Club.

Laura Snell

Branch: Eastern No 4
Region: Eastern
Employer: Royal Mail

I’ve been a member of the CWU since 2007 but have only become active in the last couple of years. In 2015 I took on the role as Sub IR Rep at our Delivery Office, I then found out there was a vacancy in our Branch for Youth Officer so I took on that role in late 2015. I am chair of our Regional Committee which we have recently got back up and running again.

In my spare time I am working towards a Law degree with the OU and hope to specialise in employment law. I also enjoy going snowboarding.

Scott Hartles

Branch: Scotland No 2
Region: Scotland
Employer: Royal Mail

Youth Officer Scotland number 2 branch, member of youth committee for Scotland region, recently joined Rise-Scottish left Alliance and is also a member of the Scottish Nuclear disarmament campaign.

Interests outside of the movement are football, rugby, ice hockey and hillwalking

Dan Coles

Branch: East Midlands
Region: Midlands
Employer: BT Openreach

I’m currently the East Midlands Youth Officer and Union Safety Rep for my branch.
I work for BT Openreach as a fibre engineer which I have done for the last 9 years now; I came through the apprenticeship programme which I really enjoyed.

I’ve been active within the CWU since April 2016 and in my relatively short time I have done so much. I enjoy helping and supporting people, especially our younger workers which is why I wanted to get involved.

I now have a great opportunity for the next two years on this committee to really make a difference; so I am going to make sure I get the most out of it.
In my spare time I enjoy reading, camping, kayaking and football.

Rebecca Watt

Branch: Scotland No 1
Region: Scotland
Employer: Openreach

I joined Openreach in 2013 as an apprentice field engineer and I have recently been getting involved with the CWU and was elected to the National Youth Committee. I look forward to the challenges this role will bring, and hope to really make a difference to young people’s working lives.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, swimming and socialising with friends.