The Young Workers Committee

The CWU Young Workers section exists to co-ordinate and advance the interests of our 17,500 members under the age of 30. Its 20 members are elected bi-annually by Conference each year and they are augmented by 2 members of the National Executive Council and supported by Jo Thair at head office.


Scott Hartles, National Young Workers Committee Chair

Branch: Scotland No 2
Region: Scotland
Employer: Royal Mail

Scott is the Chair of the committee. He joined the CWU on his first day of employment with Royal mail working at Edinburgh Mail centre where he is one of the Late shift IR representatives. He is the young workers officer for Scotland No2 branch. He is also a member of the Labour party which he joined in May 2016 and is the Trade union liaison officer for the Edinburgh Northern and Leith CLP. He represents the CWU on the STUC youth committee and the Young Labour national committee. In Scott’s spare time outside of the movement he likes to read graphic novels and political books, socialise with friends, play his nintendo Switch, he is a football fan supports Hearts, Arsenal and Roma and he is a Rugby fan supporting Scotland.

Fiona Curtis, National Young Workers Committee Vice Chair

Region: Northern Ireland
Employer: BT

I joined BT and CWU in October 2012 as an apprentice and have recently been elected to the National Youth Committee. I am looking forward to the challenges it brings, being involved and helping others.
I would consider myself as a bubbly, friendly and approachable person who enjoys spending time with my friends and going out at weekends.

Jake Fear

Branch: South Wales
Region: Wales
Employer: BT Openreach

Hi my names Jake Fear and I work for BT Openreach in West Wales as a customer service engineer and am a Branch Youth Officer for the South Wales Branch. I joined the CWU in 2011 and have been active since 2013. I enjoy motorsports especially motocross and travel around the U.K in my spare time watching major events. I also enjoy music and play the guitar, not very well though!

Being part of the CWU Youth Committee is a huge privilege and am excited for the oncoming year. I hope to network myself with more people and learn new skills I need to progress me. The CWU Youth is a great way to do this as they hold some amazing events throughout the year and everybody is so supportive. I feel grateful for this opportunity and I hope more young members will get involved this year and come and see what we have to offer.

Elli Long

Region: North West
Employer: Royal Mail (Parcelforce)

Elli Rose Long, youth officer for the branch and member of the regional youth committee for the North West. I am employed by Royal Mail and work in administration at Parcelforce in Liverpool. In my spare time I enjoy playing netball, shopping and spending time with friends and family.

Becca Hufton

Branch: Kent Invicta
Region: South East
Employer: Royal Mail

Hey my name is Becca Hufton and I am a postie from Kent. I am a member of the Kent Invicta branch where I am the Branch Youth Officer and Vice Chair.

I have been active within the CWU for the past three and a half years and have enjoyed every minute of it.
I have a keen interest in the international side of the trade union movement and I have recently been elected as UNI Europe Youth President. This is a huge honour to represent the CWU within the global union.

During my spare time I enjoy baking, sleeping and going to music festivals. I look forward to working with the new CWU Youth Committee in the next two years.

Adam Gibbins

Branch: Somerset, Devon & Cornwall
Region: South West
Employer: BT PLC

Branch Youth Officer 2012 – present
Secretary of South West Regional Young Workers Committee 2014-2016
Assistant Secretary of the South West Region 2016 – present
Secretary of the South West ROC 2016- present
Telecoms and Financial Services Standing Orders Committee 2017- Present

Hi, my name is Adam Gibbins and I work for Openreach Service Delivery in the Exeter and East Devon Area. I started my apprenticeship with Openreach in 2008 and assimilated into Service delivery in April 2011. I became active with my local branch in 2012 as I was unhappy with apprentice pay and assimilation pay. I then became the Branch Youth officer and attended my first CWU Youth event which was Youth conference 2013 in Bristol. Since then I have been very active within my branch and the southwest regional committees. I regularly represent members in cases and in review meetings with management.

In my spare time I enjoy playing cricket for my local friendly cricket team and anything outdoors like kayaking and fishing and golf.

Rebecca Watt

Branch: Scotland No 1
Region: Scotland
Employer: Openreach

I joined Openreach in 2013 as an apprentice field engineer and I have recently been getting involved with the CWU and was elected to the National Youth Committee. I look forward to the challenges this role will bring, and hope to really make a difference to young people’s working lives.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, swimming and socialising with friends.

Louise Bradley

Branch:  South Yorkshire & District Amal
Region:  North East
Employer:  Royal Mail

I’m Louise, I’ve worked for Royal Mail for 11 years now, this means I’m almost 30 so I want to make the most of my time on the National Young Workers Committee while I have the chance.

I spent a few years as a Deputy Manager but I decided to change paths and go into the trade union movement because I was beginning to take an interest in politics and I wasn’t enjoying my role as a mannager so I thought it was time for a change.

I was fortunate enough to be elected to go to Helsinki for the Uni Europa Youth Conference last year and it really opened my eyes. It was my first Union Event, I was humbled and surprised to have been given the opportunity to go as I had only just started my journey within the Union. I learnt so much from this experience, I got to know other Young Reps from all over Europe as well as in our own Union and hear some of their Experiences. It made me realise that we are lucky to have such a good Union, who stand for fair and workable conditions when other people around the world aren’t always so lucky, and it inspired me and made me want to do more and be more involved.

I think that Young Workers are important and we need to encourage more Young people to get involved wherever possible. I didn’t realise just how much we did as a Union until I became the Young Workers Rep for my branch.

Luke Elgar

Branch:  Essex Amal
Region:  Eastern
Employer:  Royal Mail

Sports fanatic and failed musician. I try my hand at many things with limited success, endless fun and no regrets. All these experiences have given me the chance to meet incredible people and have given me an addiction to taking up different challenges.

I coach at my local triathlon club and compete throughout the summer. In fact it was a challenge organised by the Essex Amal branch of this union some years back that first gave me the bug for endurance sports. I was invited to ride a Royal Mail bicycle over night with fellow CWU members from London Fields (Hackney) 190km to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast, raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support.

Now I have been inspired to take up the role of young workers officer by the work of the local CWU reps throughout my office and across the world as they give their time to numerous charities and causes.

Matt McMaster

Branch:  Northern Ireland Combined
Region:  Northern Ireland
Employer:  Royal Mail

My name is Matt McMaster, I am 25 years old and I work for Royal Mail at the Northern Ireland Mail Centre. I am currently the branch education officer for the Northern Ireland Combined branch; although coming to the end of my tenure.  I am also the deputy IR rep on my shift.  Along with these roles I have recently been elected to the National Young Workers Committee. I have one daughter aged 4.  Those closest to me will know I am a huge boxing enthusiast both in being a fan of the sport and training in one of the best known boxing gyms in Belfast city centre.  This takes up most of my spare time along with being a dad.  I am also a huge football fan supporting Everton Football Club.

Will Murray

Branch:  Greater London Combined
Region:  London
Employer:  Openreach

I joined BT Openreach in September 2008 as a customer service apprentice. I started to become active in the union in 2015 after my first child was born and I needed more than ever to feel that I was making a difference in the world no matter how small. Since that time, I have served as my branch’s young workers officers for over two years, both acting and then elected. I have been the chair of the London Regional Equality Committee since January this year.

I whole heartedly believe in building on the already amazing equality movement within our union and ensure the next generation of CWU workers are measured only by the work they do and not their religion, disability, race, gender or sexual preference.  The union movement is a community that is in need of reinvigoration and although young trade unionists may well be in decline, I look forward to tackling this key issue with a group of likeminded young workers to ensure the future of our union is a bright one.

Erin Brett

Branch:  Mersey
Region: North West
Employer:  BT

Hi, my name’s Erin and I’m the young worker rep from Mersey Branch. I currently work in a BT Call Centre where I try to keep customers for BT. I joined the union as soon as I joined BT as I saw it as a way I could make a change within the work environment. During my time as a Union rep, I have been to conference multiple times to discuss and make changes within the workplace, I also sit on the North West Regional Organising Committee as Vice Chair where we look at ways to strengthen the union and union member involvement. I can’t wait to get my teeth stuck into the National Young Worker Committee work, making changes for you!

Connor McCann

Branch:  Meridian
Region: South East
Employer:  BT

CWU Roles ; Young Workers Branch Officer, South East Young Workers Chair and National Young Workers Committee Officer.

I’m 24, from Dublin, Ireland but work in Canterbury, Kent. I  have worked for BT in Consumer since April 2016. I started off as Agency Manpower Staff and inside 2 months went onto a BT contract. I have been a Union member since I started and became more active in the CWU in January 2017.

I’m very passionate about the Trade Union / Labour movements and I have a long family history of Trade Unionism forged in Longbridge, Leyland, Rover and MG factories. I love to campaign and love any excuse to take my megaphone to a rally. I regularly attend Anti-Fascist, Anti-Racism, Anti-Austerity, Student Protests and more when I can.

In my rare spare time, I support Celtic Football Club and I’m a season ticket holder. I also play Rugby and enjoy a good social gathering. I love to get to know people, so don’t be afraid to say hello.

Robert Hynes

Branch:  South West Wales Amal
Region:  Wales
Employer:  Royal Mail

Billy Hunt

Branch:  Gloucestershire Amal
Region:  South West
Employer:  Royal Mail

Delivery Office Unit rep, 2013 – present
Branch Young Workers Officer 2013 – 2018

Sub Area Delivery Rep. 2014-Present

Branch Chair, 2016-Present
Chair of South West Regional Young Workers Committee, 2017-Present
Labour Party Member, Trade Union Liaison Officer for local CLP.

I’ve been involved in the union since I took over as Rep for my delivery office in Dursley, Gloucestershire since 2013. I’m also the Sub Area Delivery Rep for Gloucestershire Amal, with the release I get with that role I get to go around the county to meet young workers as well as deal with the day to day issues in the workplace. It is tricky for Young Workers in Royal Mail, with many being on low hour contracts even though many of them do many hours of overtime. I have been fighting to help our members on this for years.

I work for freelance for BBC Radio Gloucestershire commentating on Forest Green Rovers which takes me around the country watching them play. I also enjoy playing cricket for my local cricket team in my spare time.

Catrin Herdman

Branch:  Nottingham District Amal
Region:  Midlands
Employer:  Royal Mail

The Midlands is obviously the greatest region in the CWU and I am proud to be their young worker’s National Young Workers Committee rep. I’m pretty new to this like most of us on this page, and I think I bring a bit of levity and down to “earthiness” to this group. I’m a reserve postwoman for Eastwood delivery office in Nottingham and if you know anything about Eastwood, it’s not as bad as they say. Give me a shout if need anything but please not late at night as I need all the beauty sleep I can get.


Kayleigh England

Branch:  North East
Region:  North East
Employer:  Openreach

Hi my name is Kayleigh and I represent the Young Workers of the North East. My day job is working for Openreach as a Frames Engineer based in Teesside. I love my job and the people I work with, which is why I got involved in the Union, to make our world of work a better place to be. I have been active within the CWU for a few years now and have had some amazing opportunities to travel and be a part of some big changes. Being a member of the CWU family has boosted my confidence ten- fold and I have met some inspiring people that really want to make a difference in the world. Come along to our events and feel the passion for yourself. If you see me around please come and say hello, I don’t bite, promise.