If not us then whom? If not now then when?

Greece BlogHow interesting has it been to read the papers or turn the telly on in the last few weeks? The Greek people rejected austerity by taking to the streets in their masses and taking part in strikes, occupations and marches, driving huge pressures on the various coalitions of politicians, this led to a collapse and forced another election. It looks very likely the people are going to vote for the Left and stand up to the superpowers of Merkel and co and say ‘we will not pay’,

I strongly believe the pressure from the people could ultimately only lead to better times-in or out of the Eurozone

Then the French kicked out their austerity driven right wing leader, Sarkozy, and replaced him with a so called socialist anti-austerity president, which I hope will lead to a back track on the current brutal proposals from the troika – europeanGreece Blogfinancial and governmental institutions. Apart from the disturbing 20% vote the French gave to fascist party Le Front Nationale in the first round of votes, it seems that the French people are not falling for this awful program of cuts to vital services which our leaders are trying to impose on us while the rich become richer.

Then we’ve got our lovely lot at home too – the banker worshipping Tory parasites. Who, just like their opposite numbers abroad, are imposing the exact same program of cuts. I have read recently, however, that they have only managed to impose 8% of the intended cuts to public services – which again could see us in the exact same position as our counterparts abroad. Just when you think they couldn’t possibly inflict any more pain they come on the attack for our Employment rights too.

Unelected big financial donor and City fat cat Adrian Beecroft, wrote a report, urging for new rules to rip up our working rights completely which will he says ‘boost the economy’. You just couldn’t make this madness up? The reality is that Britain already has some of the Western world’s weakest workers’ rights, according to international trade group, the OECD. Only the USA and Canada have regulations that are less strict. It doesn’t take a genius to work out the better and more secure workers are in employment, the better and happier it must be for any economy all round. But this is the problem you see, the Tories don’t like that word ‘all round’. They want to eat one big fat cake all by themselves.

Greece BlogI believe as a human being, I was born into this world and I am part of the world of the 99% who are being forced to pay for the problems of the 1% who, as I saw in the Times rich list the other week, became a whole lot richer in this country alone. If these people gave what they earned over the course of last year the deficit would be paid instantly. But at the same time, these people box clever, and what they do all over the world is divide us into different nationalities, religions and races to try and place us against each other using corrupt media and various other forms of communication. I recently read a great book by Paul Mason called ‘Why it’s Kicking Off Everywhere’. One interesting quote that I took note of is ‘So we are already into a new phase, in which one country offloads the costs of crisis onto another, the rich offload the costs onto the poor and the old onto the young. As the pain increases, ideologies of resistance will get stronger, and there is a danger that they will become magnetized towards nationalism and protectionism.’ Let’s not let that happen, let’s not allow them to divide us. There are easy ways to stand up for the 99%. Get involved in your local trade union or community. As the tax dodging Tesco’s says – every little helps. The more of us, the bigger our chances of winning and forcing the 1% to change direction.

David Chivers
CWUYouth Vice Chair
Southdowns Amal SE.No1