My hopes for 2012

Well, none of us can argue that 2011 has been a busy year. It’s also been a year where the political and economic direction of the UK and Europe has changed. We’ve seen a shift to the right across Europe, with distressing consequences.

As we move into 2012 we should prepare ourselves for what will be another difficult year. There are many reasons for this. The UK Government seems determined to press ahead with their austerity agenda, indeed taking it further and deeper than they have already indicated. Europe, if you believe many people, will eventually descend into chaos with the break up of the Euro. Or if you believe others, a new treaty will be built which takes Europe further towards a single fiscal state.

Then there’ll be the massive amount of “feel good” media that e’re going to be bombarded with. First there’ll be the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which will no doubt be used to mask the cuts that are being made to the economy. And then there’s the little even taking place in the middle of summer. Sure, the Olympics will be a great event and bring a bit of a party atmosphere (for those who can afford it), but they won’t really show Britain, as it is now, to the rest of the World. The World will see a happy, lively nation, rather than the reality of a Tory Government intent on taking any ounce of fun and happiness out of anyone’s lives (well, anyone who’s working class).

So, we’ve got a challenge ahead of us in 2012. But I think that CWU Youth is in a strong position. We’re great at getting our message across, we’re starting to work together regionally in a much more productive way, we’re definitely getting noticed. So, next year we need to step it up a level. I’d like to see the regions really taking the next step and start sharing best practice, contributing to the website and pushing forward with the CWU Youth aims and goals. I’d like to see a Youth Advisory Committee that is included at the start, rather than an after thought. I’d like to see us really becoming that truly credible force within the CWU, and I think we’re already making great progress with this.

But, none of this will be possible without the development and encouragement of new Youth activists. So, I’d like to see as many new faces as possible over 2012, whether these are local, regional or national. We saw at the NYEE 2011 that there’s some great talent and so many new activists within our section. We now need to work together to make sure that CWU Youth the great organisation that it is.

Ryan Case
Youth Advisory Committee, Chair
West Yorkshire branch