BT Enterprise : Ventures Voice Services (VVS)


04 June 2019
Issue No. 020/2019


To:    All Branches with Members in Ventures Voice Services (VVS)


Dear Colleague

VVS – Sunday Additional Hours

The CWU have been made aware by Ventures Voice Services (VVS) management that some part-time workers in VVS are not claiming correctly for Sunday Additional Hours and want to ensure that all workers are paid what they are entitled to.

The attached communication has been circulated by Centre Managers to remind part-time staff of the process and provide an intranet link to the guide.

Ordinarily claims are only allowed for the previous month but as a one-off, VVS has agreed that if a team member considers they have not claimed their additional hours, they are willing to allow them to do so dating back to 1st December 2018 and on a case by case basis claims for errors made prior to this date. This is provided that requests are submitted by the July payroll cut-off (any requests submitted after this time will not be considered).

VVS are clear and the CWU must stress that the usual rules in relation to claiming hours remains in place and this is an exception.

Any questions should be raised with the local branch in the first instance.


Yours sincerely,

Brendan O’Brien
Assistant Secretary


VVS 020.2019 Sunday Additional Hours 04.06.19

Sunday Addtional Hours Claims