Updated statement on the Crisis in Gaza

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The Crisis in Gaza- Updated Palestine statement

Following the brutal Hamas terror attack on October 7th, an attack of unprecedented scale has unfolded in Gaza, killing over 33,000 people- the majority of whom are civilians.

An indiscriminate bombing campaign has left 15,000 children dead, destroyed the housing and infrastructure of most of the region and forced millions of people into refugee camps, where food, medicine and other aid is scarce. An attack on this scale has also sent shockwaves across the world, with international courts calling for the protection of civilians and the UN Security Council calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Here in the UK, we have seen attacks on those who have called for an end to this violence. The Government has sought to whip up hysteria and bigotry regarding the demonstrations against Israel’s actions in Gaza, despite the overwhelming majority of protests being peaceful. Several high-profile Tory politicians have also been using Islamophobic rhetoric in regards to Palestinians, those who support a ceasefire and Palestinian rights groups, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). The CWU condemns these attacks, extends our full solidarity to the PSC and we encourage all our members to attend the national demonstrations against the war in Gaza.

The CWU once again calls for an immediate ceasefire, for an end to the UK’s supply of weapons to Israel and for the UK Government to use their significant influence on the international stage to condemn the violations of international law by Israel. We also call for the safe return of the hostages and condemn the rise of both antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents in the UK.

We also call for an end to the recent escalation of conflict across the region, particularly between Israel and Iran, and for the UK to be a leading voice in the call for peace.

It is more important than ever that the union movement stands up against this horrific war by showing our support for all innocent people in Palestine and Israel. Trade unions and their members have a long history of standing side-by-side with oppressed people and of defending the right to protest against apartheid and genocide. Part of the CWU’s ethos recognises the fact that the political and the industrial are intertwined and that our solidarity should always reach beyond the workplace. The CWU will therefore continue to be outspoken on this issue and we call on all trade unionists to do the same.

Finally, we extend our solidarity to all communication workers, trade unionists and their families who have been affected by this conflict.