Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence webinar round up


On Monday 7th November 2022, the CWU hosted a special joint webinar with the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) promoting partnership affiliation and services for CWU members affected by domestic violence.

Domestic abuse is the most common forms of violence. In England and Wales 2.3 million people are known to have experience domestic violence every year. 1.6 million Of them women. In Scotland 65 thousand people reported a crime of domestic abuse in 2021 and in Northern Ireland incidences of domestic violence has risen by 6.4 per cent the highest level seen since 2004/05.

The NCDV report that domestic abuse will affect 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in their lifetime, on average, two women are murdered each week and 30 men per year. Furthermore, domestic abuse can take many forms, can affect all equality groups with many incidents being underreported, meaning the real figures are likely to be higher.

It is likely that we all know someone who is being affected by domestic violence or abuse. Despite being such a pervasive and insidious act, domestic violence and abuse too often goes underreported.

Speaking about the cost of living crisis, rise in domestic violence cases and the threat of a further rise in cases during the world cup, Sharon Byran, Head of Partnerships and Development for Domestic Abuse Services at NCDV said

“Over the last couple of months we have seen a rise in cases. We are now handling 9,000 referrals a month but we know that roughly 80% of incidents that are domestic abuse related never get reported to the police. We are bracing ourselves for the impacts of the world cup when referrals usually peak. Obtaining legal protections such as non-molestation order saves lives.”

Sharon urge victims of domestic violence to contact NCDV or to speak to a CWU rep for a referral.

The NCDV is a non-for profit organisation, based in Guilford. Its mission is to help people identify the early signs of domestic abuse, make decisions for a better life and to support domestic violence and abuse victims in obtaining protective legal orders against their perpetrators through their free, fast emergency injunction service.

Like most Domestic abuse organisations fewer donations and soaring energy bills are putting a strain on services.

The CWU agreed at General Conference 2022 to address this crisis by encouraging branches and regions to affiliate to the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) to support affected CWU members and others experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

Paul Moffat, CWU’s Eastern Regional Secretary who has led work on Domestic Violence in the Eastern Region said:

“It is our pleasure to work in partnership with the NCDV through our affiliations. We recognise that domestic violence is a workplace issue and the vital work the NCDV does to help protect victims and survivors of domestic abuse will benefit many members and their families affected by this issue”

Paul urged all CWU branches and regions, to affiliate to NCDV

Speaking on the new partnership with NCDV Kate Hudson, Head of CWU Equality, Education and Development said:

“It is absolutely essential that we as a union work with like-minded organisations to address domestic violence and the impact it has in the workplace and wider society. During the pandemic we saw incidences of domestic violence rise exponentially. The cost of living crisis is also having an impact, with many victims prevented from fleeing abusive households due to economic hardship. It’s fundamental that our members and reps know where to access legal support and information should they need it. I’m proud of the new relationship the CWU has formed with NCDV and the helplines we have available for CWU members.”

Members can contact NCDV on:

Freephone 0800 970 2070

Text 60777


NCDVs sister organisation is a nationwide law firm, for a free consultation on family legal matters please call them on 020 3727 2054