Paragon pay offer out to consultation

Telecoms & Financial Services

Members in Paragon Customer Communications are being urged to accept a CWU-brokered pay deal which delivers across the board increases of 2.2%.

The company’s ‘final’ offer – which is fully consolidated – applies to Bootle, Carlton Park and Bradford-based based members conducting outsourced mailroom functions for Santander.

From the outset of negotiations, the CWU had been focussed on securing a rise that was comparable with the one secured by the union for direct employees of the Bank – and while the proposed settlement for Paragon members is a one-year rather than a two-year deal, the percentage increase is the same as that which the bulk of the union’s Santander membership received on March 1.

Assuming the deal is ratified by Paragon members in workplace consultative exercises that are in the process of being organised, the 2.2% increase will apply from April 1, and will be paid on time in April salaries.

Commending the deal to members, assistant secretary Sally Bridge admitted that some would be disappointed that there will not be any bonus payments this year, but stressed: “It was the view of the CWU negotiating team that it was more important to maximise the consolidated percentage increase, and we have made it clear to Paragon this is without prejudice to any future pay reviews.

“As such the CWU National Team is prepared to recommend the company’s final offer, which we believe provides for a fair and reasonable increase that reflects the current cost of living and is directly comparable to the increase for 2020 that has already been accepted by our members in Santander.”