CWU calls for new laws against offshoring

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Union demands a halt to the ‘haemorrhaging’ of UK jobs to cheap-labour countries…

“We need a change and we need real protections for workers against offshoring of jobs,” said DGS-elect Karen Rose today, adding: “Far, far too often, good high-quality jobs here in the UK are lost because there’s nothing to stop greedy companies getting rid of workers here and exporting their jobs to far lower-paid workforces in poorer countries.

“One of the things the CWU will be looking for as the next general election comes ever closer is a firm commitment to robust legislation protecting workers – often the younger members of the workforce – from this terrible practice.

“In the meantime, we’ll continue standing up and fighting for our members – and bringing as much pressure to bear as we can on companies taking this route. There’s got to be a stop to this haemorrhaging of UK jobs.”

Karen was speaking at the end of a week in which members employed by Capita and working on VM02 customer-service contracts were told that hundreds of them were ‘in scope’ – i.e. at risk of redundancy.

CWU national officer Tracey Fussey sent out a Capita Members’ Bulletin in immediate response to the announcement, assuring that the union was doing and would do ‘everything we can to protect members’ jobs and ensure management commit to securing alternative roles where possible’.

Speaking today, Tracey said that she is strongly concerned about offshoring being a factor in this, saying: “Our members who work for Capita – who is an outsourcer – are innocent bystanders to the whim of the clients’ plans as well as their own employer. Both companies default to the offshoring of work to maximise profit. More work has gone off shore and this is disgraceful.

“We will be challenging Capita on this, including the almost overnight evaporation of roles. it’s an absolute disgrace and a clear example of a highly profitable company showing no regard or respect for its loyal staff base who worked tirelessly through Covid and during the post-Covid period to ensure customers got the service they needed.

“Our members’ hard work helped Capita to maximise its profits and if their jobs are now being exported abroad, it’s utterly disgusting. It’s also worth bearing in mind that this is an overwhelmingly young workforce – another example of the appalling way young workers are treated today. We’ve got to be giving young workers hope for the future – not condemn them to a life of insecure work.”

CWU DGS-elect Karen said that the CWU, as well as fighting for members here and now, also intends to make the protection of workers from outsourcing a major issue in this general election year, saying: “Companies operating in the UK and serving a UK customer base should not be allowed to axe their UK-based workforce and export their jobs to countries with low-pay economies.

“This should be, and must be, made unlawful.”