Capita pay deal for BBC TVL reached

Postal, Capita


A 6 per cent consolidated offer, plus £900 cash and new allowances adds up to a reasonable settlement for hundreds of hard-working CWU members, reports assistant secretary Andy Furey…

Today’s industrial executive endorsed a negotiated agreement reached with Capita that is “significantly better than what was on the table before and goes a fair way to meeting the needs of our members,” said Andy this afternoon.

After months of discussions, a referral to arbitration service ACAS and the looming possibility of an industrial action ballot, a package of benefits which now comes close to current levels of inflation will be recommended to workers employed on the company’s BBC Licensing contract over the coming two weeks. If endorsed by members, they will receive a fully consolidated 6 per cent basic pay increase backdated to 1st January 2022, a £400 lump sum (pro-rata for part-time) payment in October and a further £500 lump-sum (prpt) in January 2023.

“It’s the view of my negotiating team and our reps – and the industrial executive too – that we’ve moved the company quite considerably forward on pay,” Andy said. “And now is the time to get this new money into our members’ pockets. Therefore, we’ll be recommending a YES vote to this deal in the forthcoming consultation.”

The agreement is relatively straightforward and, aside from the headline basic pay increase of 6% and cash lump sums – which both apply to all Capita’s BBC Licensing workers – there are also positive adjustments for some field workers, with new, allowances in London and the South East. “And, crucially,” Andy continued, “we have also managed to obtain a much better pay increase for those members affected by the Real Living Wage adjustment.

“Overall, this is a fair deal for all of our members and it’s good to see their efforts being recognised and rewarded. We hope they’ll give it their endorsement. I’d also like to see a similarly positive attitude from the other employers we negotiate with going forward.”

For further details, please see LTB 376/22