Retired Members

If you are retiring soon and wish to remain a member of the CWU, then you can continue with your membership and receive the benefits you had as a full time Member.

The benefits of continued members include:

Unionline (Legal Services)

A wholly owned trade union law firm, established in 2014 by the CWU and GMB which offers a broad range of legal services to members for personal injury claims and employment claims.

Contact Unionline on 0300 333 0303 or via the website at


Free Wills

CWU provides a free standard Will Writing Service. This covers a basic simple Will. Any members requiring this service should contact Unionline on 0300 333 0303



Free access to a number of education/courses for members from such places such as the Open College Network, Unionlearning. Plus free online IT and computer courses. We have negotiated a discount on our standard rates. Members wishing to use this service should contact Unionline on 0300 333 0303


Union Insurance UIA Insurance

Offers members great value insurance cover for home, motor, travel and pet insurance. UIA offers a FREE Accidental Death cover and a range of affordable, simple-to-set-up insurance including life cover and personal accident cover. For a quotation, contact UIA on Freephone 0800 013 2298 quoting reference CWU or visit www.cwuinsurance for up to 15% online discount.


The Unions Death Grant

Your next of Kin will receive the Unions Death Grant provided that you have registered their Details.

How to join the retired members see details below.


How much does membership cost?

The retired rates should now be £1.38 per week, or £1.18 if you opt out of political levy and £5.99 a month, £5.12 if you opt out of political levy.

Join online at  or contact your Branch office for details.

If you wish to contact your local RMAC Member on any issues you wish to raise please see the list below for details.


RMAC Contact Details.

Rod Downing                          

Alan Trotter                            

Ken Ward                                

Brian Lee                                 

Denis Rose                              

Dorothy Burnett                    

Ernie Coggins                         

Hugh Bell                                 

John Martin                            

James Stewart                        

Joan Moxom                           

Michael McAllinden              


View The Link our magazine for CWU retired members.



Congratulations to Joan Moxon, retired postal worker for being elected onto the Executive Committee NPC Wales 


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Tony Kearns, Senior Deputy General Secretary is the officer responsible for the committee. Tony can be contacted at