National Young Worker Month – November

TUC National Young Workers Month is held every November. We have during 2022 been demanding better and fighting for better.

Young workers are vital to that. Whether involved in industrial action and campaigns, becoming reps and supporting members in the workplace or getting involved in their communities to fight racism and demand action on the climate, young workers are the future and the present.

They’re hit hard. A cost of living crisis is affecting everyone, but young people are expected to put up with a minimum wage that is less than older colleagues, just because of the year they were born. They’re over-represented in parts of the economy where pay is low. As unions, we’ve got to demand better.

Our union has been pushing for the campaign for “Enough is Enough” and this is why we are not just fighting for our members but all workers.

You can see more information of TUC Campaigns and Events for November 2022: