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We aim to keep you up to date with the progress of the Sir Wyn Williams’ Inquiry as it moves through its various stages. We hope you find this useful and that you will regularly keep an eye on our website.

The Inquiry is currently calling for written evidence, so if you have any submissions you would like to make detailing your unsatisfactory experiences of using the Horizon system please do share these with Sir Wyn.

A series of workshops has been arranged by the Inquiry for interested people to join. Initially these workshops will focus on the human impact of how the failings of Horizon have affected not just yourself as a Postmaster but your family as well. Accordingly, the Inquiry would like to hear from family members who would like to share their experiences. 

The first of these workshops was held on the 15th January and the recording is available to view here:

Mark Baker, our CWU Postmasters Branch Secretary was a participant in the very first workshop and Mark said “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once we got started we were quickly put at ease by the excellent facilitator who guided all the participants through the meeting.  I do not normally talk about the work I have done representing Postmasters but I found myself opening up.  I strongly recommend that others take this opportunity to share their experiences of how the Horizon years have impacted their well-being” 

We would like to encourage all members to engage with these workshops to share your experiences; as it stands this is the only opportunity for your story to be told and form part of the public record that this Inquiry will make and will be kept as part of the Parliamentary record.

All details on how to get involved below:

Call For Evidence

A Call for Evidence: Individuals are encouraged to provide written statements regarding their human impact, their views to the topical questions presented, and propose themes or specific questions to be explored at the stage 2 hearings: hearing from the organisations. The Inquiry’s Call for Evidence contains 60 questions across a number of areas, yet it is not expected that you answer all of the questions. It’d be helpful for you to answer whatever is relevant to you. Please respond here

• Human impact

Those who submit their account of human impact in the form or via email may be asked to participate as a case study for the final report, for which their consent will be sought in advance from a member of the Inquiry team.

Timeline for return: Opened in December and closes 23 February 2021.

Stage 1 Hearings

Stage 1 hearings: These are important focus group sessions to hear from those affected by the Horizon system and associated events. Sessions run from January to March 2021. Please register your interest to attend a pubic hearing session here

Deadline for registration: 12 March 2021.

Private hearings: The Inquiry recognises that some people may wish to share particularly personal accounts or sensitive information which is not suitable for sharing with the inquiry in a public or group setting. If this applies to you then you can express preference to attend a private hearing with the Chair. Please see here

Deadline for registration: 12 March 2021.

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